A long-distance tow is a process whereby a disabled vehicle is securely transported with specialist equipment to its destination. It differs from roadside assistance and emergency tows, in that it involves covering much longer distances. Long-distance towing may be required when the owner no longer wants the vehicle, or when it needs to be transferred for repairs to an auto shop, not in the immediate vicinity. Long-distance drivers specialize in secure transportation of vehicles and offer careful handling, efficient relocations, and cost-effective services across both short and long journeys alike. If you need to move your car from one location to another with peace of mind, a long-distance tow can provide the dependable solution you’re after.

What are the Reasons I Might Need a Long-Distance Tow?

Long-distance towing is a valuable service for those needing to move a car, truck, van, or boat from one location to another. When you are stranded far from home or need to move a vehicle cross-country, turning to a long-distance tow service can provide an efficient and cost-effective way of getting the job done. Additionally, some vehicles may require special expertise or equipment for safe transport, which can only be obtained with the services of an experienced long-distance tow company. Someone who utilizes their services in these cases should research local companies and find reviews of their services prior to selecting one to ensure they receive quality results.

Can a Tow Company Tow Me to a Different State? 

Tow companies are able to provide services outside of their local area, which sometimes includes driving across state lines. This may be useful for customers who have been stranded a great distance from home; tow companies can transport them safely and securely back to their residences. Before you hire a tow company to drive you across state lines, make sure the company is properly licensed and insured to do so. Regulations may vary from one state to another, so it’s best to ask the tow company first before entering into a contract. If they are unable to provide out-of-state services, ask them for recommendations on other reputable companies in your area that offer such services.

Does Long-Distance Towing Increase the Cost of a Service?

Long-distance towing often requires the use of specialized equipment and additional labor, resulting in higher costs for the service. Auto repair shops must cover the expense of transporting a towing vehicle, paying for gas, and taking additional precautions to ensure it can safely transport a towed car over long distances. These added costs can vary greatly from location to location, as well as depending on vehicle size and weight, making it difficult for mechanics to provide an accurate estimate before undertaking the job. Ultimately, those seeking long-distance tows should expect increased costs compared to local services.

Is a Flatbed Best for a Long-Distance Tow?

Choosing the right tow setup for long-distance trips can be a tricky decision. Flatbeds are great for many reasons, but it’s important to balance the advantages with some of the potential disadvantages. On the one hand, flatbeds offer increased safety as they keep your tow vehicle off the ground and free from being exposed to minor road hazards. They’re also easier on engines with less strain and tension placed on them while towing. However, it’s important to consider that flatbeds tend to be more expensive than traditional tow setups when factoring in the cost of renting or purchasing a truck bed trailer. Additionally, flatbeds require commitment when loading and unloading due to their high sides, which means an extra set of hands can be helpful when navigating tricky corners or tight spaces. Ultimately, it is essential to make sure you consider all options before making a decision so you can find the best long-distance tow setup for your needs.

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